Are you a camping person?

It is summer. Are you experiencing that summer in Korea is hotter than Bangkok? Gangwon-do 강원도 on the east of Korea is a popular summer holiday area. Wonju, which I live in is located in Gangwon-do 강원도 and is the closest Gangwon-do 강원도 from Seoul. There is also a national park called Chiaksan 치악산. On such a hot summer day, in the mountain valley! Isn’t it fun?

If you want to enjoy camping in the valley, you have to make a reservation in advance especially in the busy season. Official website is now serving in Korean and English. [Official camping reservation website]

Also, I would like to introduce famous pet-friendly camping sites in Wonju, named CampaSlow 캄파슬로우. The website is written in Korean, but you can still see lovely photos. In the winter, it is a wonderful place to do outdoor sauna! mail to CampaSlow:

Meanwhile, there are also some valleys not widely known but enjoyable without making a reservation. Photos of this article are taken around Sinlim forest. If you come to Wonju, there are numerous buses going to Sinlim area and there’s a cafe named ‘Red roof’ located in 262 Seongnam-ro, Sinlim-myeon, Weonju, Gangwon-do. She will give every information you need. If you bring some meat to BBQ, you can use the facilities with 20,000 won.

Please enjoy your summer!

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