Wonju (Course 1) /Gangwondo 강원도 원주시

It’s not easy for me to select the best way to look around Wonju because it depends on your taste. I suppose this course is good for whom loves cultural, hates to be hot in the outside.

Geodonsagji 거돈사지

Located in a small valley at the foothills of Hyeonyesan Mt. and spreads out to approximately 24,7493 meter square. It was originally temple established in the latter part of the Sila Dynasty around 9th century but was later destroyed during the Japanese invasions in 1592. A three-story pagoda and the main temple ground sit in its place today.


If you come by car from Seoul, you will arrive in an hour. It is a better place if you can see it early in the morning. With the ruins of a thousand years, the backward view of the mountains is magnificent.

+ 18 Jeongsan-ri Buron-myeon, Wonju

+ Parking free along the road

Museum San 뮤지엄 산


Designed by Ando Tadao, consist of flower garden, water garden, stone garden. The museum in pursuit of the harmony of nature and space. You can see the beautiful mountains to the west. There is an outdoor terrace cafe where famous actor, Gong-yu, has taken an advertisement for coffee. There is a Korean paper exhibition as permanent exhibition. If time permits, see James Turrell. There are the most many works from him around the world.


+ 260 Oak valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju | Photos

+ 10:00-18:00 (close every Mon)

+ 28000W (adult w James Turrell) + 15000W (adult w/o James Turrel)

+ Parking free

Joongang traditional market 중앙시장


Traditional market is a jewel in the central of the city that shows old fashioned Korea. Street food is also enjoyable. First floor is the main market area and 2nd floor has small shops, so we called, Miro art market 미로예술시장. Nambu market 남부시장 is facing each other and it also has lots of shops and dishes.

Pork soup 순대 Sundae

Pork soup 순대 Sundae is one of the 40 Korean dishes by CNN travel pick

Buckwheat rolling paper with Kimchi 메밀전병

+6 Jungangsijang-gil Wonju

+Parking | 46 Jayusijang-gil, Jungang-dong

Korean pork BBQ at 미프 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal

Must try in Korea, 삼겹살

Mee-p 미프 is my favorite Korean pork BBQ restaurant in Wonju, period.

Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 is one of the best here!! Pork from the local area is having aging in the restaurant. It is also a specialty porkhouse with local charcoal. Dessert is good and interior is fine, too. Unlike other Korean pork houses, the staff cooks meat at the table. You can experience the most delicious way of baking.

+ 1924-6 Bangok-dong Wonju | Photos

+ 17:00-24:00 (closes 2, 4th Sun)

+ Parking free in the private parking lot

Snow flakes, 빙수, 담장옆국화꽃


If you are not a coffee person, why don’t you try snow flakes in a Korean way? Snow flakes 빙수 is also one of the 40 Korean dishes by CNN travel pick.


Please try domestic red beans, dried jujube, and chestnuts topped with milk blended ice.

+ 3F, Yangjiro 20, Bangok-dong, Wonju | Google map not working, find out in Naver map

+ 11:00-23:00 | instagram

+ Parking free in the basement of the building

How to come to Wonju?


Take the KTX train from Seoul stn 서울역, or cheongnyangni station 청량리역. Destination is 만종역 Manjong-stn. Unfortunately, train ticket app is not easy to use if you don’t have domestic ID number. They have Korail pass service for foreigners like 1 day pass however, it’s more expensive than usual price. So, I recommend you buy them in advance in the ticket office. Takes about 40 minutes to come.

Regular train takes app 10 minutes more and the name of destination is Wonju 원주역. It only departs from Cheongnyangni station 청량리역.


The best way you travel in Gangwondo. The roads are not crowded, easy to drive and park.


Takes about 80 minutes to come. They have every 15 minutes from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (강남고속터미널). You can but tickets here.

Select destination screen

Need a local photographer?

Jamesgraphy is living in Wonju. He’s a winner of Nikon, Canon, Sony user review year 2015-2017. Worked for tourist agencies in China, Japan, US, and UK. Now, he’s working for Wonju city. He speaks English, Chinese and Korean. Please visit he’s instagram and email him.

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