Do you love porcelain?


This place, 장정공방, is one of my favorite spots in Wonju. Jang-Jung porcelain workplace is named after Jang Sangcheol, maestro ceramist and his life mate, Byun Heejung.


While a family has been living this house for 20 years, they fixed this old house by themselves. If you visit the dining room, you could feel whole their life without a word.


Art is often the cure for modernized human being. Soil and wood are also the properties we feel most comfortable with.


I bought a few items to give it to a friend. Maestro Jang’s milling speed is extraordinary fast, so most items are so light. Needless to say, the design is beautiful.


Living works are not maestro’s main work. He is an installation ceramist and dealing the light.


He’s another solo exhibition is coming this November, again.

+ 256 Gagok-ri, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju

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