Exotic Korea – Gangwondo

There are lots of things i’d like to tell you about 강원도 Gangwondo.


It’s surrounded by North Korea, East Sea, Seoul-Gyunki, and other provinces in southern Korea. So, I can say this province is;

1) Close from Seoul: Takes 1-2 hrs by train from Seoul station

2) National mountains and beaches, in a word, nature

3) Relatively cool temperature in summer, lots of snowy in winter, why Winter Olympics held in here

4) Home of 한우(Korean cows’ meat)


Where I live? Wonju, which is a city located the western part of Gangwondo.

Historically, this area is not a ‘tour place’, because once here was an important area for the army so local foods and spots are not widely known, which is now becomes good for traveling.

From now, I am going to introduce my favorite places in Gangwondo. Photos are uploading my instagram, too.



Gangwondo in Tripadvisor




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